¡KARAOKE 2023!

The recent karaoke party hosted by the Department of English was a fun get-together event that drew students from sixth to eleventh grade, carefully divided into three groups. This year, there were three categories: grades 6th to 8th, 9th to 11th, and a special category for students in grades 10th and 11th who performed in English and in French.

This year’s version welcomed a revived spirit of rivalry, but with a twist: a significant 60% of the points were awarded for impromptu language use and teamwork in the classroom. The remaining 40% was made up of presentation abilities and stage presence. The prestigious judging panel gave the event a broad international perspective because it was composed of a mix of “foreign” and Chilean members. These were from Canada, France, the United States, and England.
After a morning filled with remarkable performances, we announced the champions, each earning a well-deserved 7.0:

  • 1st Category: 8th Grade A
  • 2nd Category: 10th Grade A
  • 3rd Category (French): 11th Grade A

Beyond the competitive aspect, the event served as a celebration of linguistic prowess, cultural exchange, and companionship among students. 

Here’s to another year of fostering a love for language and creating lasting memories!