Congratulations to all of our speller girls!

A colorful Primary School Library buzzed with excitement as students of classes 2nd-4th competed in a fun and animated Spelling Bee Competition on December 5th. After an internal first round held in their classrooms, ten talented and enthusiastic girls of each grade qualified to take part in the final contest, and show their impressive word skills in front of their friends, teachers and families.
The event kicked off with the amusing performance of our 5th graders, who sang a fun and catchy version of the classic ABC song to surprise and cheer their younger schoolmates. Special thanks to
Miss Moira Maldonado for her help and guidance towards these amazing musicians.  
After seven or eight exciting rounds of competition, we are pleased to announce our 2023 Spelling Bee Winners.

2nd Grade
First place: Clara Díaz
Second place: Celeste Cartes
Third place: Martina Castro
3rd Grade
First place: Elisa Muñoz
Second place: Blanca Jarpa
Third place: Luciana Cheyre
4th Grade
First place: Antonia Ferrada
Second place: Dominga Olate
Third place: Julieta Serrano

We are immensely proud of our students and the effort they have made throughout the year. We are sure that the Spelling Bee will make a lasting impression on them. Congratulations to all of our speller girls!