11th grade IB project

The 11th-grade IB-SL students undertook an impactful project addressing the theme “Sharing the Planet”, with a specific focus on combating global warming. They explored critical issues such as the environmental impact of the livestock industry, deforestation, water conservation, the melting of glaciers, among others. In an effort to raise awareness, the students conceived the idea of distributing informative pamphlets. These resources aimed to educate the public that environmental responsibility extends beyond recycling and also involves reducing consumption, such as advocating for decreased beef consumption. Additionally, they sought input on how others contribute positively to the planet by placing sticky notes on the panels for people to share their practices. Responses, such as fashion recycling, reduced beef consumption, and the use of color-coded trash bins, were received.

This initiative not only showcased their dedication to addressing climate change but also emphasized the importance of informed choices in daily life to contribute to a more sustainable planet.